The sun shone on Carn Euny at the weekend, venue for the Families Day organised as part of the ‘Landmark Travels – Our past in a suitcase’ project.

A steady stream of families enjoyed exploring the mystical Iron Age village. Using a story of an Iron Age boy, and special map, families navigated the activities and learnt about the sites past…

“This village was built high up here so that we could see our enemies approaching. To get a better viewpoint we would go up to the hill fort. Claim your family’s stake in Carn Euny and warn away any enemies, by making a family flag. Decide what emblem you want for your family and use natural dyes to illustrate the flag.”

Families created some brilliant family flags made to ward away enemy tribes and a selection of weird and wonderful natural tokens were created and processed (with music and song) to adorn the natural well.  To collect and carry their wares, families worked with local woodsman Greg Humphries to make Iron Age backpacks. Constructed from 3 sticks, some rope and a hoodie or backpack, this technique was discovered to have been used as far back as the Stone Age.  Other activities included guessing what the fogou was used for and role-play in one of the courtyard houses.

On display was the Carn Euny suitcase, which has been travelling around local primary schools and contains postcards and memory badges created by the children, as well as photographs and DVD’s of their visits.  The project is in partnership with the Institute of Cornish Studies and Cornwall Heritage Trust and is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cornwall Heritage Trust.

Everyone had a wonderful time, thank you to all of the families that went along!FamiliesDay60FamiliesDay15For more images of the event please visit Carn Euny Families Day

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