The Year 2 children from King Charles Primary School came face to face with King Henry VIII last week when they visited Pendennis Castle with the help of a Grant for Schools Transport  from Cornwall Heritage Trust.

Class teacher Michelle Clayton reports: “The children enjoyed their visit. First we explored the Tudor artefacts and the children dressed up in rich and poor clothes . We made our way to the castle where the children were surprised by Henry VIII ( our head of school!) who sent them on a quest with a reward that allowed them to travel back in time!  After that we explored the half moon battery and the rest of the grounds and we drew the castle.  Our topic is about the history of Falmouth.”  

While the children were able to learn more about their history topic the visit also enabled them to enjoy cross curricular links to art, science, literacy and geography as well!

Cornwall Heritage Trust is delighted to have been able to help the children to visit the Castle and while they cannot promise visits from historic Monarchs at every trip they can help more schools to enjoy similar trips to heritage sites in Cornwall.  For more information on Grants for School Transport and for an application form please click here.



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