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Breaking News – Heritage Lottery Fund Grant success!

  Successful Heritage Lottery Fund bid to support Luxulyan Valley Heritage Restoration Project A joint bid from Cornwall Council and Cornwall Heritage Trust for the Luxulyan Valley Heritage Restoration project has received earmarked funding of £3,473,800 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Earmarked funding means the outline proposals for the project meets HLF criteria for funding and HLF believes the project has potential to deliver high-quality benefits and value for Lottery money. The project now has 2 years to submit fully developed proposals to secure a firm award. Development funding of £246,800 has been awarded to help Cornwall Council and Cornwall Heritage Trust progress plans to apply for the full earmarked funding. The Luxulyan Valley Heritage Restoration project aims to carry out extensive conservation and interpretation of the valley’s industrial and natural heritage and will be underpinned by an activity programme that will engage new audiences, improve accessibility and provide inspiring training and volunteering opportunities for the local community. Cornwall Council cabinet member for housing and environment Joyce Duffin said: “This is fantastic news. Luxulyan Valley is a hugely important part of Cornwall’s industrial and natural heritage and is of national and international significance. To be given the funding green light by the Heritage Lottery Fund is a major boost.  It will allow the Luxulyan Valley Heritage Restoration project to work on plans to not only conserve our heritage, but to also share the story so that more people can appreciate the amazing historical significance of the valley.”  Nerys Watts, Head of HLF South West, said: “The Luxulyan Valley is a little-known but stunning part of the Cornish landscape. ... read more

King Charles meet King Henry VIII!!

The Year 2 children from King Charles Primary School came face to face with King Henry VIII last week when they visited Pendennis Castle with the help of a Grant for Schools Transport  from Cornwall Heritage Trust. Class teacher Michelle Clayton reports: “The children enjoyed their visit. First we explored the Tudor artefacts and the children dressed up in rich and poor clothes . We made our way to the castle where the children were surprised by Henry VIII ( our head of school!) who sent them on a quest with a reward that allowed them to travel back in time!  After that we explored the half moon battery and the rest of the grounds and we drew the castle.  Our topic is about the history of Falmouth.”   While the children were able to learn more about their history topic the visit also enabled them to enjoy cross curricular links to art, science, literacy and geography as well! Cornwall Heritage Trust is delighted to have been able to help the children to visit the Castle and while they cannot promise visits from historic Monarchs at every trip they can help more schools to enjoy similar trips to heritage sites in Cornwall.  For more information on Grants for School Transport and for an application form please click here.... read more

Sir Richard Trant Memorial Award – And the winner is…

At the 30th Annual General Meeting of the Cornwall Heritage Trust the winner of the Sir Richard Trant Memorial Award for “Heritage Champion 2015” was announced as Mr Ted Gundry. The Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Colonel Edward Bolitho (President of the Trust), presented Ted, known to many for his years presenting on BBC Radio Cornwall, with his award at the meeting held at the Pool Innovation Centre on Wednesday 23rd September 2015. Ted was awarded the prize for his work creating an archive of interviews and recordings of stories from a career spanning over 50 years, as well as his contribution to Cornish Gig Rowing and his tireless work as Advocate of Cornish social and cultural heritage.  Colin Edwards, Chair of the Award committee, commented “Ted looked after the spoken heritage of Cornwall…recording, commentating and contributing to Cornish heritage and making it available to all.” Ted declared himself “speechless and flabbergasted” at winning the award although he acknowledged that this is “unusual for him”! He compared oral history to archaeology: “you never know what you will find.”  Ted will give the Dr John Rowe Memorial Lecture at the next Cornwall Heritage Trust AGM and has already tantalised his audience with promises of tales of Dr Crippen and Ronnie Biggs – one not to be missed! Members and Trustees enjoyed a fascinating talk by Pip Richards of The Sustainable Trust who gave The Dr John Rowe Memorial Lecture on “The Restoration of Carwynnen Quoit – a Community Project”.  Pip was the winner of the Sir Richard Trant Memorial Award in 2014 and entertained and educated her audience with the story... read more

Cornish Story Cafe – The Strange Disappearance of Jane Trinidade

In 1822 Jane Trinidade (neé Johns) and her husband José disappeared from Cornwall.  Jane did not reappear again until 1841. Come and hear her story and bring any research that you have done into this remarkable lady as Cornwall Heritage Trust hosts another of its popular Cornish Story Cafes. There may even be some singing afterwards!   Cornish Story Café (Whethlow Kernow)  Being held at The Cornishman in Crantock at 6pm on Monday 12th October – all are very welcome to come along and be entertained! For more information please contact... read more

Carn Euny Families Day

The sun shone on Carn Euny at the weekend, venue for the Families Day organised as part of the ‘Landmark Travels – Our past in a suitcase’ project. A steady stream of families enjoyed exploring the mystical Iron Age village. Using a story of an Iron Age boy, and special map, families navigated the activities and learnt about the sites past… “This village was built high up here so that we could see our enemies approaching. To get a better viewpoint we would go up to the hill fort. Claim your family’s stake in Carn Euny and warn away any enemies, by making a family flag. Decide what emblem you want for your family and use natural dyes to illustrate the flag.” Families created some brilliant family flags made to ward away enemy tribes and a selection of weird and wonderful natural tokens were created and processed (with music and song) to adorn the natural well.  To collect and carry their wares, families worked with local woodsman Greg Humphries to make Iron Age backpacks. Constructed from 3 sticks, some rope and a hoodie or backpack, this technique was discovered to have been used as far back as the Stone Age.  Other activities included guessing what the fogou was used for and role-play in one of the courtyard houses. On display was the Carn Euny suitcase, which has been travelling around local primary schools and contains postcards and memory badges created by the children, as well as photographs and DVD’s of their visits.  The project is in partnership with the Institute of Cornish Studies and Cornwall Heritage Trust and is funded by... read more

2015 Sir Richard Trant Memorial Award

Nominations are still being invited to find the 2015 heritage champion for Cornwall in memory of the outstanding work of Sir Richard Trant.  The award is a trophy and a £500 cheque and carries with it the prestige of the name after which it is awarded. Sir Richard Trant was a Cornishman of extraordinary talents. After a very distinguished career in the Army he retired to his beloved Cornwall and dedicated his remaining years helping to promote Cornwall’s heritage both in Cornwall and much further afield. Cornwall Heritage Trust is looking to make this prestigious award to an ‘unsung hero or heroine’ – someone who gives their time and energy in a voluntary capacity and has made a significant contribution to Cornwall’s heritage. It is open to all organisations in the heritage field to nominate a suitable candidate. Each nomination should be supported by a recommendation from a senior member of the organisation outlining the nominee’s outstanding contribution to the preservation and promotion of Cornwall’s heritage. Letters of support can be provided from people with first-hand knowledge of the nominee who can endorse their contribution or supply additional information. Nominations will close on 31 July 2015. We will acknowledge receipt of your nomination.  However we cannot enter into correspondence on the merits of a particular nomination. The Memorial Committee will consider all applications and the Heritage Champion will be presented with the award at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting on 23 September 2015. For an application form please contact the Cornwall Heritage Trust office. All nominations should be sent to: Ms M Baker Administrative Secretary Cornwall Heritage Trust 5 Kerns... read more

Supporting the Arts

Cornwall Heritage Trust has supported schools and education projects for many years.  We have now decided to expand that programme to the arts. We will be supporting arts projects that provide a legacy for future generations to appreciate Cornish art heritage whether it be dance, music, drama, photography etc.  The finer details of the award programme is being worked out but will published on this website... read more

Cornish Story Cafe in Looe

Cornwall Heritage Trust was pleased to sponsor the first Cornish Story Cafe in Looe.  Locals and visitors alike were treated to a story about a Cornish fisherman from Newlyn and his adventures through Canada and USA in 1911.  The venue overlooked the harbour at the newly refurbished Portbyhan Hotel and this was a chance for people with an interest in local history to come together in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The situation of the café couldn’t have been better with fabulous views of the beautiful old luggers that had just arrived for this years regatta. The event was organized by Cornwall Heritage Trust in conjunction with Cornish Memory and Looe Old Cornwall Society. People were able to relax with food and a glass of wine to hear a story about the Newlyn fishing riots of 1896 and Cornishman William Guy’s adventures across Canada and USA to the Californian gold mines in 1911. Lamorna Spry told the story which was based on extracts from William’s diary.  Artefacts from his journey included a leather money belt which showed just how thin he was! People were also able to browse through old photographs of Looe provided by Azook’s Cornish Memory project. Miner Quay, the Looe shanty group, finished off by entertaining everyone with music that traced William’s journey from the ‘Leaving of Liverpool’ to ‘Far from Home’. Everyone was keen to have another repeat event and Cornwall Heritage Trust is now planning a series of Story Cafes around Cornwall as it certainly seems to be a popular... read more

Support for Cornish Wrestling

Cornwall Heritage Trust were thrilled to see the embroidered wrestling shirt publicising our support of this wonderful sport.  The Cornish Wrestlers joined our stand at the Royal Cornwall Show and a number of us watched their excellent demonstrations.  This is obviously a sport which is enjoyed by young people of all ages.   Cornwall Heritage Trust has provided a grant to enable the Cornish Wrestling organisation to provide cups to these young people at their competitions.  Check out our events page for the next round of competitions and do go and support this iconic Cornish... read more

Treffry Viaduct Appeal

Cornwall Heritage Trust has launched an appeal to save the magnificent Treffry Viaduct towering so majestically over the beautiful Luxulyan Valley Country Park. Not only is it a very beautiful landmark, but those who are familiar with this wonderful imposing feat of Cornish engineering will understand why it is so important to save a quintessential part of our great industrial heritage. The work needed to save the viaduct is estimated to be in excess of £2m and so we are urgently appealing for donations to our Treffry Viaduct Repair Fund. A large part of the magical appeal of the Luxulyan Valley has always been the water running in the leat system, once used to power the tramway and machinery on the Fowey Consols copper mine. Nowadays the water still serves a useful purpose, and is sent in a pipeline down the hillside to a hydro-electric generator at Ponts Mill. The magnificent ten-arched Treffry Viaduct, opened in 1842 and now owned by Cornwall Heritage Trust, forms the centrepiece of the leat system. However, a recent survey revealed a new and very large leak from the base of the viaduct posing a serious risk to the footings of the masonry. Other water leaks have caused significant erosion of mortar from the masonry joints as well as encouraging vegetation to take root, causing still further damage to the joints and mortar. If we do not act quickly, the footings will be destroyed, ultimately leading to the collapse of the viaduct. The viaduct is a masterpiece of 19th century Cornish engineering, having been built to carry both a horse-drawn tramway across the valley and... read more