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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport


Connor Downs Academy

Lanhydrock House
October 2016

On Monday 10th October Year 2 went on their autumn term trip to Lanhydrock House.  Their visit had a historical focus, to look at and experience life before electricity.


The sun shone for the duration of their visit and the children explored the house from the point of view of the children, family and servants.  Everyone was fascinated with how different life was:

“I found out that they had to clean the carpets with a carpet beater because they didn’t have hoovers!” – Chloe

“I liked the beds with the “half tester and full tester covers” like a roof over them to stop bats or bugs landing on you during the night because at first the rooms had no ceilings!” – Ruby

In the afternoon they explored the gardens:

“This is like paradise”, commented Caelan.

The children will build upon their learning focusing on developing their literacy through history.