Dark Skies: Bright Stars at The Hurlers
As part of the Dark Skies: Bright Stars project with Mayes Creative, a summer of star-themed activities took place in 2017 with school events and activities focusing on Cornwall’s astronomy heroes and starry heritage.
With assistance from Cornwall Heritage Trust, Upton Cross, Darite, St Cleer and St Martins Primary Schools enjoyed whole-school talks and visited the ancient astronomical sites of the Hurlers stone circles on Bodmin Moor with Brian Sheen of the Roseland Observatory and Carolyn Kennett of South West Astronomy Heritage. They then enjoyed shadow puppetry and devising workshops with local artist Reg Payn before performing all their shows together at Liskeard Town Hall in one magical event, sharing fascinating stories which ranged from ancient legends about the Hurlers, and the discovery of the Nebra Sky Disk, to the lives of some of Cornwall’s own local astronomy heroes.
Dark Skies:Bright Stars is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and FEAST Cornwall with support from Cornwall Heritage Trust.
Photo credit Matthew Pontin / Fotonow