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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport


Dobwalls School

Year 5 children from Dobwalls School set off on Wednesday 9th December for a day at Truro Cathedral participating in the Experience Christmas activity, as well as learning about ways Christians celebrate Christmas. The children (and adults) had a fantastic time! They started their day with the Experience Christmas activity which involved the retelling of the nativity story whilst moving around the cathedral and participating in drama activities as well as craft tasks. The children particularly enjoyed being able to sing two Christmas carols in the cathedral, this drew a small public crowd and sounded brilliant! The children were also given the opportunity to explore the cathedral and complete a spotter’s activity, where they had to identify, locate and research parts of the amazing building. To finish off our time in the cathedral they were given time to sketch and take photographs of the building and its contents in preparation for some follow-up learning in school the next day.

We greatly appreciate the funding Cornwall Heritage trust gave us as without this the trip would not have been possible.