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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport

Fourlanesend CP School visit to Truro Cathedral

“On the 15 of November K.S.2 went on a trip to Truro funded by the Cornish Heritage Trust so full thanks to them.

After a long journey on the train our school finally arrived at Truro.

We walked a long way to the Royal Cornwall Museum. The first room we went in was the animal room. It was great fun. You could look things in these tubes. There also some shark suits and some of my friends dressed up in them.

We then went into a room where you could dress up as Victorians! I tried the giant of Cornwall’s shoe size; it was massive compared to mine!

We then went upstairs to see the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman artefacts. They were so beautiful. We looked at some medicine that a man took with him to Africa. Our class went into the art gallery. We stared in amazement at the wonderful paintings. My favourite painting was the one of the flowers in the field.

We walked on to the Egyptian room. It was full of really interesting artefacts and we got to see a real mummy!!!!!!

After that we went to the Truro Cathedral.”

by Daisy Burton Class Lynher


“The Cornish Heritage Trust paid for us to go on a trip to Truro so we only had to pay £3! They paid for us to go on a Great Western Railway. This is what we did…

Firstly, we went onto the train and travelled to Truro. When we got there, we walked to the Museum. We looked around the rooms and saw so many different species of animals that had been stuffed , there was even a fox and its cub! They arranged it so well with different background pictures which made it so very realistic and wonderful. I loved it a lot. We could hear different noises of birds and other animals to make it better.

Then we made our way to a giant room with lots of old stuff! There were clothes to try on and lots to see.”