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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport

Indian Queens School trip to Truro Cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum

Cornwall Heritage Trust recently funded the cost of  transport for 160 Key Stage 2 children to visit Truro Cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum.  Their aim was to understand how the cathedral has developed over time and how the renovations have impacted on the building and community.

This was a cross-curriculum visit covering the following areas:

Religious Education – how the cathedral is used by the community, PSHCE – why the cathedral is an important place for people, Geography – links to stone, architecture and the renovations, Science – types of stone used and for what reason, Design Technology – architecture and how the renovations are being undertaken, Art – sketching using perspective, History – how the cathedral has changed over time and how Cornish history has evolved in the museum.

Mark Harding, teacher at the school, said “Thanks again for helping us with the transport to Truro Cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum. We had two great trips which the children found really inspiring.”