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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport


Nanstallon School

Launceston Castle
April 2016

On Wednesday 13th April 2016, thanks to the transport grant provided by the Cornwall Heritage Trust, a class of excited reception age pupils from Nanstallon School embarked on a fantastic morning of historical learning and enjoyment at Launceston Castle.

After a  half term of deep topical learning based on the ‘castles’, Cherry Tree Class were able to put their knowledge into context by visiting a real castle. The class climbed the 145 steps to the very top of the castle and managed to spot many features of a Motte and Bailey castle.

The learning and enjoyment gained was outstanding (by adults and pupils!) however, without the grant for transport provided by the Cornwall Heritage Trust, the school would not have been able to make the trip so affordable for parents.

The children had a wonderful morning and were keen to show their parents pictures and tell them about what we saw.

Miss C Penhall, Class Teacher.