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Pendennis Castle Visit

“On Monday 9th October 2017, When it was cloudy and foggy outside, Oak Willow and also Elm class went on an amazing trip to Pendennis Castle. We went on the trip because we are learning about British Monarchs and Castles at school. The Monarch who built this castle was Henry VIII.

Eventually, after an hour long bus drive, we arrived at Pendennis Castle. We walked to a building that we could put our bags in. Next we went outside to look at some cannons, they were fantastic! After that we went to a little museum room full of  information of different wars from the past.

We then went into the massive castle. We saw rooms such as: cannon room, top floor and another cannon room that had a lot of smoke in it. The room was very realistic!  At the top floor we played hide and seek. We hid on the top floor and Miss Weale had to find us. After that, we came down and saw a cannon fire…BOOM!!! It was amazing to see and hear, we watched from the top of the castle.

Next, we had lunch. For lunch I had sandwich, fruit and two biscuits. Then, we went through a dark tunnel to find some sheltered guns which were facing the coast, we learnt about why they were there.  After that, we went back into the Castle. We visited the kitchen and storage room. The castle was fantastic, I enjoyed walking around and climbing up and down the spiral stair cases. Finally we got back on the boiling bus and went home.

To conclude, I really enjoyed Pendennis Castle because there is a lot of things to see and do. I would definitely recommend Pendennis to my friends and family.”

By Arthur


“At the beginning of Monday morning, when it was cloudy and foggy outside, Willow, Oak as well as Elm class went on an amazing trip to Pendennis Castle. We went to learn about wonderful kings and queens because we are learning about them in school.

Later, we arrived at Pendennis Castle from a very long journey, it was boring, luckily I had my friend called FREYA to keep me company. After we put our bags down and then we explored the spooky castle. In one of the rooms it had a smoke machine in it, to make it look like the cannons were firing, I did not like it as it was so realistic. At midday the guns fired it was fantastic because the gun went BOOM!
After that, we went up to the main room to have our scrumptious lunch it was yummy. Next we went up and down rough spiral stairs in the castle, it was very hard going up and down. We learnt about the different rooms within the castle and what they were used for. We also learnt about why the castle was built in Falmouth. After a while, we went in a dark tunnel, Miss Weale sent Mr Stephen first as she was too scared.

Finally, we went to get ready to leave so we could get on the smelly bus. I really would recommend a visit to Pendennis Castle as it was so interesting!”

By Rhea