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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport


Pennoweth School

Pendennis Castle
October 2017

This week, all Key Stage One children visited Pendennis Castle as part of their ‘castles’ topic. Children were transported back to Tudor times, learning about the important role the castle played in defending Cornwall against invasion. Children loved exploring the different parts of the castle, especially the atmospheirc lower gun room – with cannons, ‘gun-smoke’, barrels of gunpowder and alcoves in the wall for cannonballs.

All children took part in a Now and Then workshop, discovering how everyday objects (some of which we still use today) and clothes have changed over time. It was wonderful to see the children’s smiles when they dressed up in Tudor costume, and how fascinated they were by the facts of what life was like at that time.

The KS1 team would like to thank all parents and family helpers who volunteered their time to accompany us on the trip – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Also, a very special thank you must go to The Cornwall Heritage Trust who provided funding towards the cost of the transport on both days.