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Perranporth School

Pendennis Castle
March 2017

Perranporth School recently visited Pendennis Castle where they enjoyed a very busy day of activities spanning the centuries between the Tudors and World War 2!  Below is their activity plan for the day, it looks great fun, very informative and tiring!!

We did a round of the following activities on the day as follows: 

Activity 1 – Tudor Gun room in castle – poem

Listen and experience the gun room- what can you see, hear, smell, taste, feel?

Pretend you are one of the gunners and write a poem about your experience in the Tudor gun room. You could make an acrostic poem to start you off – PENDENNIS


Activity 2 – Guns through the ages 

Location: around the perimeter of the site (the left side- the St Mawes side) is a good area with a lot of different guns (the WW1 dining area in front of the main castle is a good area to go if it is raining.  

Create a leaflet all about different types of guns.

Can you decide which guns are the oldest and which are more modern- why?

Draw the guns in detail. Draw the fine details and moving parts. Title and label them (if there are any information boards).

How are the more modern guns an improvement on the older ones?

Use a tape measure to carefully measure them and put your measurements on your drawings.

Activity 3- Old castle / new castle

Sketch the outside of the old Tudor castle – 15mins

Look for details

The sketch the outside of the new castle at Half Moon Battery

When were both defences built? 

How are the two defences different? How are they similar?


Activity 4- Cartography (map making)

Location- the very top of the Tudor castle (you can use the Parlour area if it is raining).

Why is Pendennis located where it is? Why is St Mawes castle located where it is?

Look at maps of the area.

Create your own map showing the following:

The coastline, the Fal Estury, Pendennis castle, St Mawes castle, Falmouth Town, St Mawes Town, areas that are beaches, areas that are rocks, areas that are fields, areas that are trees, any other significant features.


Activity 5 – costumes through the ages

Location: the Education Centre

Dress up in clothes from the Tudors, Civil War (Stuarts) and WW2.

Take photos on the ipads

How are the clothes different- how are they the same?

Sketch and friend in clothes and vice versa.


Y6- Select what you would take as an evacuee child.

Y5- What would you take to the New World (America)


Activity 6- The Communications Room

Play the activities in the room and read the information

Friend or foe- sketch and label the silhouettes of enemy ships and aircraft and friendly ones.

After children have played with things- look at primary and secondary sources


Activity 7- WW1 Barracks and Guard Room – rate the sources for accuracy

Primary and secondary sources 

Read the info

Play games like Beetle.