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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport
Indian Queens Primary School visit Pendennis Castle
Thanks to funding from Cornish Heritage, Year 6 visited Pendennis Castle, Falmouth to learn about how the fortress has protected Cornwall since its construction in 1540. We explored the different parts of the location including the Tudor castle, World War 1 barracks and World War 2 naval gun batteries. We realised that it’s so rare to find locations that cover so many different eras and conflicts in one place.
We were even lucky enough to witness a recreation of the defences of the castle as if it was 1941 with an authentic WW2 artillery piece being fired. We learnt about how technology had advanced in WW2 including the threat of new technologies like the submarine and bomber – who all had Falmouth in their sights.
Cornish Heritage Trust have helped us many times to provide interesting school visits for the children so they can appreciate the rich history hidden behind every corner of the county.