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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport
St Uny Academy visit Falmouth Maritime Museum

The Reception children from St Uny Academy went on their first full day trip to the Maritime Museum in Falmouth. They had a brilliant time, taking part in three fun activities over the course of the day. In the first activity the class met Oceana, a Sea Sprite, who showed them wonderful artefacts found at the bottom of the sea. They then helped Oceana to tell a beautiful story, using puppets and instruments to make it even more immersive! In the second activity the children learnt about a Cornish family who became lost at sea and heard how they managed to safely make their way back to land. They also learnt about how boats are made and even had a go at making and sailing their own! For the final activity the children loved exploring the museum and discovered how Cornish people have made a living from the sea and how it is an integral part of our local heritage. The children and adults who attended would like to thank Cornwall Heritage Trust for their kind donation towards the cost of the coach! A fantastic time was had by all!