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Launch of Sensory Guides at King Edward Mine
July 2016


Cornwall Heritage Trust funded this brilliant project with a grant of £1,325.  Read on to find out more…


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On the 9th of July we hosted a community event at King Edward Mine to launch our new sensory guides and celebrate the work of the Pilchards, Pits and Postcards project.We invited the ‘Why don’t you’ Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change group to join us for the day. They are a community group from an area of social deprivation in Redruth who meet regularly and its members are made up of all ages from babies to the over 70’s.

We had a fantastic day filled with activity, attended by over 40 people. We began by running art workshops simultaneously with cooking workshops and then swapping the groups over. We used items from around the mine to collect rubbings for a large piece of community art that the group were going to continue to work on at their next session. We produced two saffron cakes in a Dutch oven over an open fire which were delicious! This was enjoyed after we had our pasty lunch from the local bakery.

The groups then took it in turns to get a guided tour of the mine where they continued to collect rubbings using crayons and calico from interesting objects. The results were really beautiful and some of the pieces were very creative with over laying of imagery.

We also ran some construction based games using marble runs and train tracks to talk about the movement of material within the hard rock mining process. Many of the younger members of the group found this really challenging and enjoyable, it helped us to discuss the hard work that went into mining back in the 1800’s.

The event culminated in a good old sing song! We were lucky to have one of the ‘Red River Singers’ join us to help us learn the song for the Man Engine – Hard Rock Cornish Miner. It seemed wholly appropriate to round off the day with this and made a great group activity for everyone to come together and celebrate the special place we were in and the wealth of heritage we had been surrounded by all day.

We distributed our new sensory guides to those attending, all of whom were keen to return to the mine another day. The guides include a widget version with symbols for those with learning difficulties. These are also available at the mine and through our website to download for free. We are also finalising a soundwalk app which will be available and promoted in coming months.


If you would like to view the guides please click below: