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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport


Lifton School

Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre
July 2016

On Wednesday 13th July, Badgers’ class from Lifton C.P. School travelled south from Launceston to Charlestown near St. Austell. We visited the Shipwreck & Heritage Centre where we looked at lots of interesting exhibits including: diving suits throughout the ages, the history of Charlestown and why it was named as such, types of nautical knot, blacksmiths’ & coopers’ equipment, and in particular all the shipwreck artefacts. The children especially loved looking at ‘The Titanic’ artefacts (including the necklace worn by Kate Winslet in the blockbuster movie of the same name!). Many of the boys were fascinated by the large cannons dotted about the museum’s grounds and huge anchor! It was interesting to learn about the reasons behind all the historical wrecks and plight of the lifeboat crews.  The children asked many questions such ‘What was the oldest artefact in the museum?’ which caught the curator out! 

The children were excited to go through the dark tunnels and along the train tracks where clay from the nearby pits used to be dried and transported and shipped all over world. We also explored the harbour and admired the clear, calm seas of the South Coast of Cornwall! It was altogether a lovely day and we owe many thanks to the Cornish Heritage Trust for enabling this educational trip to take place.