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National Maritime Museum Cornwall Vikings Workshop


On the 10th December 2015, year 4 from St Marys School in Truro visited the National Maritime Museum Cornwall for the Vikings workshops.

We began our trip at 9.15am, when we left the school in a coach funded by the Cornwall Heritage Trust. When we arrived we were met by Education Assistant Seth, and guided into the museum under a sky of ‘flying’ boats. Along the way we spoke about the maritime heritage of Cornwall, and Falmouth and Truro in particular. We then went up to the learning centre where we enjoyed a quick snack before going to our first workshop. This first workshop was all about Viking clothing. We learned about how colours, fabrics, materials and the skill involved in making clothing, could show how wealthy or important a person was in Viking times. We were able to touch and hold lots of interesting fabrics and artefacts. Some of us even had a chance to dress up! Next, we learned about coins; how they came into use and why they are important. Each of us made our own coins that we could take home. For this, we split into two groups. Half of us had a guided tour of the Viking Exhibition space, and half made the coins. Then we swapped. One area was all about the Vikings in Cornwall. Did you know that although the Vikings sometimes used Cornwall as a stop on their travels, they never really settled here? Instead, Celts lived here.

After lunch, we went to our final workshop – the trading workshop! We learned about where Vikings came from and where they travelled. We looked at different things that they traded along the way, and did a role play of Middle Eastern and Viking traders doing a transaction.

We had a brilliant day and made our school proud.

Thank you Cornwall Heritage Fund for helping us make this trip possible.

Best Wishes

Miss Partridge and all the historians-to-be in year 4.