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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport


St Mary’s RC School, Bodmin

The Hurlers
April 2016

On Thursday 14th April 2016 year 3 children from St Marys RC Primary School, Bodmin visited The Hurlers at Minions on Bodmin Moor. The reason for their visit was to study the History of Cornwall in particular how the course of the river has affected settlements developing since pre-historic times. The children walked in amongst the Stone circles of the Hurlers and sketched and took photographs. The children discussed the legend of the Hurlers and gave some of their own explanations as to why they are there.

We also looked for evidence of settlements- remains of houses, old mine shafts, mines, disused railway tracks and pathways. From the top of the Cheesewring the children could see across the moor to the source of the River Fowey and locate where villages and roads are now built. They compared old with modern (satellite tower) what the area was presently used for and how it might change in the future. The children searched for the Barrow where the Golden cup was discovered

We would like to thank the Cornish Heritage Trust for their funding.