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St Meriadoc Infant Academy

National Maritime Museum
March 2016

Year 2 Trip to National Maritime Museum.

On Wednesday 13th March, 48 children from Year 2 went on a trip to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth. Our aim was to learn more about the Vikings from the amazing Viking Voyager exhibit and to learn about the history of maritime in Cornwall.

We were treated to 2 museum lead activities. The first was making our own boats to race. We built our boats using unexpected materials (polystyrene chip trays, straws, etc) and then went to the boat pool to race. A special air vent blew out air, which was caught in our boat’s sails and pushed them across the water. It was very exciting. The second activity was very interesting. We had the chance to actually get on a Viking ship and learn about what it would have been used for. After that, we learnt about Viking coins and even got to strike our own coins with the emblem of a famous Viking.

After the 2 activities, we had an opportunity to explore the museum. We were able to go to the very top of the look out tower and get an amazing view of the harbour. We also looked at how boats can be made, learnt about rescue vessels, found out about nautical navigation and got inside some real boats.

The whole experience was very hands on and interactive so we loved our time there and learnt lots at the same time. We hope to visit again soon.

Thank you to Cornwall Heritage Trust for making our trip possible. Without the funding, our trip would not have happened so we are very grateful!