On Tuesday last week 20 children from Darite Primary School visited The Hurlers, as part of the project “Reading the Hurlers”.  The children had a guided walk around the area and stopped for discussion and activities at Rillaton Barrow, Daniel Gumb’s cave, Stowes Pound and The Cheesewring before heading to the stone circles themselves.  The pupils took part in archaeology workshops in the morning led by Archaeological Project Coordinator Emma Stockley including putting together a skeleton and an archaeological interpretation activity.  To warm up the children were challenged to count the individual stones of the circles – we didn’t receive the same answer twice proving that they are indeed, as the legend suggests, impossible to count!  After lunch at the Heritage Centre, geology was the theme of the afternoon and Calum Beeson, Geological Project Coordinator explained the last 450 million years of geological events very animatedly in twenty minutes!  It was a great start to our programme of school visits and we’re looking forward to a very busy and exciting year.

“Reading the Hurlers” is a project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with Cornwall Heritage Trust providing financial support to enable the project to include a comprehensive programme of school visits and activities.  For more information and for schools who would like to take part, please contact the Archaeological Project Co-ordinator, Emma Stockley mailto:geologyatthehurlers@gmail.com

If you would like to find out more about The Hurlers please click here 

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