At the 30th Annual General Meeting of the Cornwall Heritage Trust the winner of the Sir Richard Trant Memorial Award for “Heritage Champion 2015” was announced as Mr Ted Gundry. The Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Colonel Edward Bolitho (President of the Trust), presented Ted, known to many for his years presenting on BBC Radio Cornwall, with his award at the meeting held at the Pool Innovation Centre on Wednesday 23rd September 2015.

Ted was awarded the prize for his work creating an archive of interviews and recordings of stories from a career spanning over 50 years, as well as his contribution to Cornish Gig Rowing and his tireless work as Advocate of Cornish social and cultural heritage.  Colin Edwards, Chair of the Award committee, commented “Ted looked after the spoken heritage of Cornwall…recording, commentating and contributing to Cornish heritage and making it available to all.”

Ted declared himself “speechless and flabbergasted” at winning the award although he acknowledged that this is “unusual for him”! He compared oral history to archaeology: “you never know what you will find.”  Ted will give the Dr John Rowe Memorial Lecture at the next Cornwall Heritage Trust AGM and has already tantalised his audience with promises of tales of Dr Crippen and Ronnie Biggs – one not to be missed!

Members and Trustees enjoyed a fascinating talk by Pip Richards of The Sustainable Trust who gave The Dr John Rowe Memorial Lecture on “The Restoration of Carwynnen Quoit – a Community Project”.  Pip was the winner of the Sir Richard Trant Memorial Award in 2014 and entertained and educated her audience with the story of  how “an ugly heap of stones” was resurrected as part of a 5 year project.  Film and photographs made the project come alive as the audience were fascinated to see the stones gradually re-sited to stand once again.  Mike Hawkey (Vice Chair of the Trust) thanked Pip, saying that the phrase “where there’s a will there’s a way” epitomises Pip; “an amazing lady…very dedicated to the conservation and heritage cause”.

The 30th Annual General Meeting of the Trust followed the Lecture and Awards and it was clear to all those present that the Trust has enjoyed another busy year.

Click here to find out more about the fascinating Carwynnen Quoit Project


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