Trust Administrator, Cathy Woolcock, and her family visited Luxulyan Valley and Treffry Viaduct for the first time this weekend and here’s what she thought:

“I hang my head in shame that I have worked for the Trust for over a year now and have only just made my first trip to see Treffry Viaduct however it was definitely worth the wait!  The colours of the trees and hedgerows in the valley are truly spectacular at the moment, ranging from lincoln green to vivid scarlett and every shade in between; Mother Nature is truly putting on a fantastic autumnal show this year.  We all enjoyed trying to catch falling leaves as the wind whipped them just out of our grasp like confetti in the breeze.  Shuffling through the deep carpet of crispy leaves we made our way to the top of the viaduct itself and the children were fascinated to hear how the water had passed over the aqueduct to power the waterwheel and how it is hoped water will once again flow across – they couldn’t resist peeping through the gaps to see if they could spot any drops of water!

The view from the top is breathtaking and what a treat to be able to walk across!  We were delighted to spot the tram lines and sluice gates and appreciate the wonderful view before we headed back down the paths to enjoy the full splendour of the viaduct by standing underneath it!  This was a really great place to bring the family (Alfie the spaniel too!) and it was FREE!!  We didn’t have enough time to properly explore however another visit is planned and everyone is keen to go back again and learn a little bit more about this hidden treasure!”

If you would like to find out more about Treffry Viaduct click here

To view the photos Cathy took click on one and scroll through!

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