All members and donors should now have received either a letter or email from CHT giving them the options for how to be contacted in future.  It has been a massive exercise and has taken the staff many hours to complete!!

Why was it necessary?

The Data Protection and Privacy regulations in the UK and EU are being updated (GDPR), as a result many charities and organisations are undertaking some housekeeping to ensure that they are ready for the new requirements.  In order to keep in touch with our members and donors everyone has to give consent to be contacted and choose which method of communication they would prefer is used e.g. email or post.   The newsletters, Annual Review and AGM notifications that members are entitled to receive are not affected because they are part of the membership package however any other communication about the Trust’s activities, events, campaigns and fundraising would need to have consent.

What do you need to do?

If you provided us with your email address you should have received an email in the last week asking you to complete and return a simple online form.  If we do not have your email address we will have posted you a leaflet, complete with an SAE to return the detachable reply form to us.

What happens if you do not respond?

You will still receive your newsletters, Annual Review and AGM notification however you have to “opt-in” to provide us with your consent to send you other news and updates.  If we do not receive your consent by May 25th 2018 we will have to assume that you have opted-out.

Can I change my mind?

Of course!  If you wish to change your options, opt-out or opt-in you can do so at any time by emailing the office on  We have re-drafted our Privacy Policy. which gives more information about your rights and the processes CHT follows.  If you would like to view it please click here!

We would love to keep in touch with all of our members and donors – please make sure that you complete and return the forms to enable us to do so…don’t miss the boat!!