The Tale of St Piran 

The Tale of St Piran tells the story of St Piran to be used by primary schools in Cornwall for their St Piran Day assemblies.  Commissioned by Cornwall Heritage Trust as an education project, the film was produced by Bookshelf Productions and directed by Joe Inman.  We were very fortunate that the poet, writer and actor Pol Hodge agreed to reprise his role as St Piran and also wrote the script.

The film is 10 minutes long, and is suitable for primary school and above.  The film tells the story of how St Piran was washed up the shores of Perranporth, rescued by Badger, Boar and Fox and introduced the Christian faith to Cornwall, as well as giving them the gift of tin and inspiring the St Piran’s flag.

Schools are welcome to view the film and use it as a free educational resource. If they would prefer a downloadable version please get in touch by emailing

Cornwall Heritage Trust would like to thank everyone that made this project possible, and especially the volunteers who gave up their time one cold weekend in January.