Hark! The Glad Sound of Cornish Carols

‘Cornish Carols are unique and to have a publication that brings together the essence of that is marvellous. The hours and miles will have been well worth it I am sure. Congratulations to Sally and Hilary for the achievement’. Roger Gool (Leader of Padstow Carollers)

Following the success of their 2015 book Shout Kernow, which won the Waterstones’ Holyer an Gof Award (also funded by CHT), Sally Burley and Hilary Coleman turned their attention to exploring the continuity and revival of the Cornish carolling tradition. During 2016 they travelled around Cornwall, recording stories, memories and local versions of carols.

Cornish carols are special and have a long history which deserves recognition. These carols are part of Cornwall’s rich communal singing. “We hope the book will raise awareness of them and will preserve this heritage as well as increasing knowledge of Cornish history through the background of the carols and the local stories” said Sally Burley.

Funded by the Cornish Heritage Trust, The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies and the Red River Singers, the book is accompanied by 2 CDs of recordings and contains 32 carols with associated history and photos.

‘Hark! The Glad Sound of Cornish Carols’ was published in November 2017 and immediately sold extremely well virtually selling out within a month! The good news is that a reprint will be done this Autumn for the next carolling season.

Hilary and Sally were delighted when they received the following message from Bert Biscoe after he had read a copy of Hark and shared it with others:  ‘my mother-in- law has been wandering in her mind around Towednack seventy five years ago singing with the band; Peggy Gill, who is organist at Leekseed, is remembering carolling in Delabole and St Teath; and so on – you have not simply published a book, you have ignited a joyous recollection and renewal! You have excited Cornwall from end to end – it’s a great achievement to have stimulated so much interest – when grandmothers enthuse their grandchildren to sing carols from their villages then you know you’ve created something special’.