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From Cornwall Heritage Trust Grants for School Transport
Manaccan School visit Geevor Mine

F – aged 8

I had a really good time, even though it was very wet! I liked to see all the things that showed me what it was like to be a miner. I think they must be very brave to work underground in the mines! When we went into the Wheal Mexico Mine it made me quite scared and I thought about the poor children who would have had to work down there in the past; I am glad I don’t have to do it. My favourite part was panning for stones, I found some purple amethyst and lots of tiny pieces of fool’s gold. It was a really cool day.

E – aged 10

I am interested in geology so the trip to Geevor Tin Mine was awesome. I really enjoyed seeing all the different minerals that are found in Cornwall and learning about how the miners had to find and then follow lodes was really interesting. I think that learning all about the processes that the miners had to go through to get the tin out was great. I really liked the way that the tour showed the process from beginning to end. I loved the experience of being underground. I would definitely recommend the trip to other people.